Preventing Common Lawsuit Claims


Attorneys are frequently at the receiving end of lawsuits instigated by former clients. Here are a few common claims and some ways you can minimize your chances of being charged with one of them.

Conflict of Interest

A lawyer has a conflict of interest when he or she pursues legal outcomes that benefit his or her own interests rather than those of client. You can prevent being sued for conflict of interest by having an insurance company, such as NewMark Insurance in Austin, determine if any of your firm’s practices are putting you at risk.

Failure to Calendar Properly

Failure to calendar properly is any instance where the attorney knew of a deadline relevant to the case, but did not record it on a calendar and missed the deadline. To avoid this situation:

  • Be diligent in your record keeping.
  • Use multiple calendar systems.
  • Update and check your calendars daily.

Failure to Obtain Client Consent

This claim is placed when a client claims that the lawyer pursued a tactic or practice without obtaining the client’s consent first. In order to prevent such issues:
• Have as open of a relationship with your client as possible.
• Offer exhaustive consent forms.
• Obtain signed consent for all major decisions.

Help Before You Need It

A professional liability insurance provider like NewMark Insurance in Austin can help you assess what claims you might be at risk for and provide you with the best coverage in the event of a lawsuit. For your greatest peace of mind, you should pursue coverage before you need it.

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