Professional Liability Insurance for Lawyers


It isn’t often in the news that you hear about clients suing their lawyers, so it’s easy to feel complacent about your professional liability insurance. Lawyers often hesitate to sue other lawyers, but a recent announcement in Texas of a lawyer who is making a practice area of suing lawyers for barratry demonstrates that you cannot let your guard down. Professional liability lawyers insurance is part of the arsenal that protects your business and livelihood.

One of the best ways to prevent claims against your license and business is to know the parameters under which you should operate. As part of your professional insurance package, your agent and underwriter help you maintain your boundaries and protect against these lawsuits before they happen. Being proactive in your practice by understanding when lawyers do get sued helps you remember where to put your energy.

Don’t risk your practice by not having the insurance that keeps your business safe. You know the high costs associated with any lawsuit better than most. Can you afford to pay that out in the event that one of your clients is dissatisfied with your representation? No matter how large or small your practice is, one suit could bankrupt all the hard work you’ve put into your practice. It may not make news when a lawyer get sued by a client, but it does happen.

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