Protect Your Hospitality Business With Food Contamination Insurance


Problems with food can occur in any link of a distribution chain. If you own a restaurant or operate a business in the hospitality industry, including manufacturing, processing, or distributing food, it is important to add food contamination insurance to your portfolio.


There are 250 unique diseases that can be transmitted through food. While parasites, viruses, and bacteria cause most of these illnesses, they can also originate from dangerous toxins or chemicals that can inadvertently poison their consumer.


Food related sickness can happen to anyone, and the results can be dangerous:


  • There are approximately 76 million different cases of food related ailments that are recorded in America each year. Of these cases, 128,000 of them will require hospitalization, and approximately 3,000 will result in death.
  • Between productivity losses, medical expenses, and premature death lawsuits, the estimated cost of these food related problems is $6.9 billion annually.


If your company is uninsured, you could be responsible for many of these unforeseen expenses. While a few claims can be covered by general liability insurance, if your customers experience problems specifically from spoiled food, the only way make sure your business is properly protected is by holding food contamination insurance.


When selecting your insurance plan, be sure to search for a qualified insurance company that specializes in food related businesses. Agencies focusing in hospitality are able to create a comprehensive package specifically for the needs of your company. Make sure to protect your business from product related losses with a thorough food contamination insurance plan.

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