Protect Yourself with Professional Liability Insurance for Architects

Professional Liability for Architects

Insurance that covers professional liability for architects is a vital part of your business plan because you could be held liable for an error or omission when working on a project. With so many building codes, zoning laws, and other regulations that you are required to take into account, it is easy to overlook something when designing a large building. Even with small projects, you may have to defend your work if something goes wrong.

Often, all professionals on a project are included a lawsuit, and you will have to defend yourself and your work. You may not have made the error or omission, but you still have to pay your defense costs, which could be substantial. Your business would be crippled from just the monetary outlay. If you are found to be negligent, the cost of damages may be staggering. This is why you need insurance for professional liability for architects.

You need insurance specifically geared towards your industry. An insurance company that understands your exposures and insures for professional liability for architects will know how to manage your costs and risks for individual projects. Your company has unique needs in its insurance coverage, and its important to find the coverage that protects your business. Dont be uninsured, or underinsured. Get the insurance that protects you and your employees. Architecture is a complex industry, and you deserve an insurance company that knows your needs.


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