Recovery from Flood Damage in New Jersey

D&G Sayles Insurance

Having a home or business damaged from an unexpected flood can take an emotional toll on those who own, live or work in those areas. Damage to the building itself and possessions compromised from water damage are just some causes for concern. Since flood damage can also lead to an interruption in daily routines, problems with health as well as safety concerns, it is important that the necessary preparations be made. Especially for those living in areas prone to having flood insurance in NJ and other protections are likely practical and necessary to have.

Common Causes

A risky misconception that some people have is that a flood can only happen to others and not to themselves. The truth is that there is a slew of both environmental and man-made causes of why flooding occurs. D&G Sayles Insurance provides an overview of some of the most common ones:

Sewer or drain backups
Torrential or heavy rains
Typical flooding from flood or hurricane zones

Like many disasters, prevention and preparation are key. Understanding and accepting that something can happen can help significantly with realistic preparation efforts. Taking safety for granted and assuming immunity to having an accident or being overconfident in dealing with recovery efforts after an incident can be more harmful than helpful.

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