The Right Insurance Plan Should Include a Hire Non Owned Auto Policy


In many cases, a business may need transportation to perform a variety of work-related tasks, from making deliveries to ferrying clients to and from the airport. While such vehicles may be essential to daily operations, not every business can afford to purchase these vehicles outright. This can often result in procuring rental cars, or having employees use their own vehicles to perform such duties.


In this event, securing reliable hired non owned auto insurance is extremely important to mitigating losses should an accident occur. This is especially true if such vehicles are used on a frequent basis, which can increase the chance of an accident occurring.


Hired vs. Non-Owned


When it comes to hired non owned auto insurance, it’s important to be aware of a vital distinction. Hired vehicles refer to transportation that is hired or rented for work purposes. Conversely, non-owned vehicles typically refer to employees using their personal vehicles to perform work-related tasks. While an employee may have insurance coverage on these vehicles, the company can be held liable if damages exceed coverage limits.


Insurance Coverage You Can Rely On


For those businesses that rely on third-party vehicles to perform important work functions, hired non owned auto insurance is a crucial element to remaining protected in the event of an accident. Without the right coverage in place, a business could be held accountable for exorbitant repair bills, in addition to medical fees if injuries occur as a result.

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