Risk Management Considerations for Social Services

Risk Management

Social services risk management aims to keep employees safe. The industry is rife with situations that can quickly escalate given the nature of the work. When evaluating the company’s risk management policies, consider these items.


As seen on https://www.tangramins.com/, companies should protect their employees. Insurance helps provide protection and is an integral part of a risk management plan. The plans not only benefit the business, but they can also help employees should something happen while they work.


Proper documentation is essential in the social services industry. Not only can the workers use the documentation to evaluate ongoing cases, but the documentation can also help reduce liabilities should something go wrong. Proper documentation looks at the entire case from start to finish. Following ethical practices and guidelines can help workers create effective, clear documentation.


It is important that social workers maintain boundaries with clients that are appropriate and follow ethical guidelines. Maintaining these boundaries can help keep the client and the worker safer. Venturing beyond these boundaries can put the worker in unnecessary danger or in harm’s way.

No social services risk management can mitigate all risks, but a solid plan can help keep both workers and clients safer. Evaluating the risk management strategy on an annual basis can keep the business meeting the needs of the community.

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