The Risks of Online Businesses


You might think that taking your business to the virtual world would reduce your liability, but you would be wrong. Even online businesses face a lot of risks, which is why these types of businesses have to get e commercial liability insurance. This policy is designed to protect an online business from its unique risks, including:

Third Party Issues

When you sell a product online, you have to trust a third party to deliver it to your customers. You also have to trust that that third party won’t damage the product before it gets to your customers. If the delivery company messes up, you’re liable in the eyes of the customer. You can reduce this risk by purchasing business interruption, transportation or contents policies.


If you sell products online, you likely store sensitive information on your website. If there would be a breach, you would be liable for any damages to your customers, employees and business. With security breach insurance, you can reduce some of that risk while beefing up your online security.

Talk to an Expert

Online businesses have a lot of risks. Talk with an insurance provider today to learn what sort of coverage e commercial liability insurance can offer your business. Protect your ecommerce business just like you would a physical business by making sure that you have all of the right coverage.

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