Safety Concerns and San Francisco Gasoline Stations Insurance



 San Francisco gasoline stations insurance

San Francisco gasoline stations insurance

Gas stations provide a vital service. After all, most of us get to work each day pumping gas into our cars once or more a week. Moreover, trucks that transport goods and services across the U.S. would be laid to rest were it not for petroleum filling stations. Simply put, we rely on gas stations to get us through our weekly grind, not to mention propel us on our way to vacations that are just a car ride away.


But gas station owners carry a lot of liability and risk, with the list of exposures is far too great to list here. One example is that a fire could cause a station to explode upwards into a massive fireball. Also, gas station owners have customers coming and going daily, often have mini-markets for customers to shop in, and large fuel trucks and small vehicles mingling together on their property. A lot can go wrong, and the potential for disaster could be just a spill away. For instance, a customer driving away with the gas pump still in the fuel nozzle of their car is an extremely common occurrence. Yet, the damage is something that the owner has to deal with.


This is why the need for gas stations insurance in San Francisco becomes all too clear. After all, depending on the severity of the incident, the potential cost for gas station owners can be quite high. In addition, to mitigate potential losses, safety guidelines have to be implemented.


Gas station owners need to enact certain policies regarding safety that their employees must adhere to in order to prevent accidents resulting in serious consequences. Trips, slips and falls due to greasy floors and walkways, handling of highly flammable products, accidents involving motorists and employees – the number of concerns is great, and the need to address ways of reducing these risks may be essential to survival.


The customer can also help by understanding the dangers and while there is no truth to the rumor that cell phone use can cause fires at the pump, according to the National Fire Protection Association, static electricity from cell phones can ignite vapors often seen near the nozzle of the pump as gas flows into the car. This is why fire codes prohibit cell phone use near pumps.

Like any business, there will always be concerns about safety, proper use and storage of the products sold, and taking the necessary precautions to prevent unfortunate incidents from occurring. Putting strong safety measures in place and carrying the proper amounts of San Francisco gasoline stations insurance are two very important components in the mitigating and transferring risks. 

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