Signs Adult Daycare Might Be A Good Choice

Adult Day Care

As your parents begin to slow down and show signs of aging, you might feel a little worried about leaving them home alone by themselves all day. If you’re starting to notice small yet troublesome signs that it’s not a good idea for them to be alone, it might be a good idea to consider adult daycare. What are some of the signs that your parent needs to have an additional eye on them?

They Are Forgetful and It Has Become Dangerous

It’s one thing to forget where they put their keys, but it’s quite another thing to forget about the boiling pasta on the stove. If Mom or Dad has forgotten something serious more than once, call their insurance agency and ask about whether or not an adult daycare insurance package is offered. If not, you might check for more information.

Hygiene Has Gone Downhill

Forgetting to shower or bathe coupled with incontinence can be a major red flag that your parents should not be left alone during the day.

Weight Loss/Gain

Not eating enough or overeating is a dangerous cycle to fall into. To be sure that your parents are getting enough nutrition, an adult daycare might be the perfect setup.

It’s scary to acknowledge that your parents are aging, but that’s the walk of life. Help to take care of them the way that they always took care of you.

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