Staffing Agencies Must Dig Deeper


Job industry experts stay abreast of trends in the contract employment marketplace, and some have predicted trends that they say will be commonplace in the industry in the coming months and years–the most widespread being that of specialization and a deeper, developed relationship between prospective employees and the counselors who place them in various positions. As a result, these changes could even have some bearing on the staffing agency insurance program that your firm will need to have in place.
In-depth knowledge of the people in a particular niche
Consider that the job market is increasingly requiring specialized, unique skills sets for certain high-paying jobs. Employment firms will naturally tend to develop areas of specialty themselves as they come to understand the type of workers whose background, education, and experience will offer the best match for an employer. For example, your firm may develop a niche ability to find just the right talent for texture matte artists, animators who are skilled in 3-D or lighting, or Java programmers within a target area. Your counselors will hone a sense of the abilities of many of these individuals, and even learn to rank those abilities as their degree of importance becomes apparent over time when placing employees at various companies. The counselors become specialists themselves, not only about the industry but about the talent pool currently available for that industry, and will have detailed knowledge of each prospect’s accomplishments, his or her employment history, and where each prospect dreams of working. This additional depth of knowledge only comes over time, and is just as helpful for the client companies that your firm supplies employees to as it is for the prospects that your counselors are placing.
Prospects and hiring companies can receive guarantees
Firms may become more like talent agents, coaching their prospects and encouraging growth, providing feedback, and matching them carefully with companies where they can not only perform the job at hand but enjoy career development and the type of benefits and other support that they desire. Long-term career counseling and a continuing a relationship with the employee after the hire is arranged may become the norm. Your firm could even back the quality of its placements by offering a guarantee to the hiring company and/or the prospect, which in turn could enable the firm to charge higher fees for its guaranteed placements. If so, you will want to spend even more time on reviewing prospects’ personal background and confirming their skills, education, and work experience, and develop additional review procedures designed to protect your firm, the hiring organizations, and prospects alike.
Talk to a professional agent about staffing agency insurance and the practices that your firm utilizes in placing employees that may have a positive effect on the premiums you pay today and down the road.

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