Staffing Agencies Require Suitable Insurance to Achieve Success


When it comes to running a staffing agency, there are many things one must consider to ensure continuous success. One such consideration must include instituting the right non owned auto insurance policy to guarantee both a company and its employees are covered should an accident occur.

How Does Non Owned Auto Liability Work?

When using vehicles that are not the property of the staffing agency in question, retaining non owned auto insurance is crucial in the event of an accident. These policies fill in the gaps left by personal coverage by ensuring a company won’t be held financially responsible in the event a vehicle is involved in a collision while performing work-related duties.

Such coverage is ideal for contract or other temporary employees who may use their own personal conveyances to get to and from a job site. This coverage is also good for companies that make use of hired vehicles, such as rent-a-cars. While these vehicles may come with their own auto insurance policies, these may not always be sufficient under every conceivable circumstance.

Insurance Coverage to Suit Your Business

The right insurance coverage can be quite beneficial to a staffing company for the many reasons state above. Conversely, lacking the appropriate coverage can result in much financial strife, which may negatively impact a business for years to come. To this end, non owned auto insurance is a must-have addition to a staffing agency’s overall insurance plan.

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