General liability

Don’t Blindly Accept an Insurance Contract

D&G Sayles Insurance

Businesses face daily threats of litigation simply by being open and conducting business. Employees can sue their employer over injuries at work or errors in paperwork processing, and consumers or clients can open up a claim for product defect or …Continue reading →

How to Fill out General Liability Forms

acord 126

When you are filling out forms for commercial general liability insurance, you will most likely encounter the ACORD 126. This form provides business owners protection from a large range of different liability exposures. Here is what you need to know. …Continue reading →

Insurance Recommendations for Live Concerts

concert insurance

Obtaining special event insurance is always a good idea because when you get a lot of people together in one concentrated area there’s always a chance that something could go awry. Obtaining concert insurance is an even better idea because …Continue reading →

The Insurance Brokers Your Business Needs

commercial insurance brokers

The Insurance Brokers Your Business Needs If you own a business, you know that insurance can help keep your business and employees safe. Working with commercial insurance brokers that understand your industry is vital for building a policy that provides …Continue reading →

Changing Insurance Programs for the Changing Healthcare Industry

home care agency insurance programs

Demand for home health care businesses is beginning to increase. In the US, there is a growing aging population. Many want to retain their independence as they age. Some may need special care after a hospital discharge while others simply …Continue reading →