Terms to Know About Auto Insurance in CT


Unfortunately, buying auto insurance is something that is necessary for everyone who regularly drives or owns a car. If you approach shopping for auto insurance in CT unprepared and without any knowledge of what all the different terms mean, then you may end up with a policy that doesn’t cover what you need. Here are some of the car insurance basics to know to get a policy that fits.

Bodily Injury Liability

Bodily injury liability protects you again claims of injury or death. It also covers legal costs if you caused an injury or death in an accident.

Property Damage Liability

Property damage liability is a coverage option that covers any damage to a vehicle in an accident. This coverage is legally required in 47 states.

Medical Payment Coverage

Medical payment coverage covers the cost of injury to yourself and any of your passengers. Although optional in some states, most insurance companies will recommend it, especially if you do not have adequate health insurance to cover your medical expenses after an accident.

Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Almost 30% of drivers in the United States do not have auto insurance. If you are in an accident and are injured, and the other driver does not have insurance or does not have sufficient insurance, this coverage option will cover the expenses you have incurred.

Buying auto insurance in CT is important but it is even more important to know what you are paying for. Make sure you have a full understanding of all these options when making your selections.

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