The Fundamentals of an Effective SEO Strategy for Your Insurance Agency


In today’s technologically advanced society, it is not enough to simply have a web presence for an insurance agency to be successful. Instead, insurance search engine marketing efforts are needed to help customers find the site. If your website is not experiencing the traffic it needs to generate revenue, you might need to implement the following fundamentals of SEO. They are key to a successful marketing strategy.

Keyword Research

First, make sure you know what keywords you should be focusing on for your insurance search engine marketing. If you are a niche agency, there might be specific phrases that can help you reach additional customers.

Website Optimization

Next, make sure that your website is optimized. An optimized website is more visible online. Therefore, you are more likely to generate leads and increase your revenue from online activity.

Link Building

Finally, it is important to use link building to direct people back to your site. The more traffic you have on your site, the more insurance sales you will probably make. Also, websites with higher traffic show up quicker on a search engine.

Many insurance agencies overlook SEO because it takes time. However, the results from this marketing strategy can be very fruitful. In the long run, it is usually much more efficient than spending your time on the phone chasing leads. You will ultimately be glad you took the time to implement insurance search engine marketing.

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