The Importance of Blogging in Marketing Your Insurance Agency


Like many industries, the methods that used to prove effective for insurance agency marketing are now failing to gain traction. Face-to-face meetings and long, drawn-out phone calls have largely been replaced with online methods of obtaining insurance, with more than 85 percent of the population now reporting they research and shop for insurance online. This means that todays modern companies must utilize the internet as much as possible to promote their products and services, and one of the most underutilized methods of doing so involves creating a company blog.

Never Underestimate the Power of a Well-Written Blog

One of the best things about a company blog is that the content is completely in your hands. Want to talk about recent news stories affecting the insurance industry? Go for it. Interested in letting your consumers in on some of the intricacies of an often-complicated industry? Dont hold back. Some companies refrain from including too much detail in blog posts because they feel this is giving information away for free, before someone has necessarily signed on as a customer. On the contrary, doing so helps position your business as an expert in its field. The main point of digital insurance agency marketing is to create trust and credibility for your brand and business, and positioning yourself as a primary source of knowledge is a great place to start.

The most effective blogs are those that are maintained and used frequently. Try and blog once or twice a month to start, and as you increase your content and posts, expect your readership to increase as well.

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