The Importance of Protecting Small Trucking Fleets

iSure Insurance Agency

Commercial trucking is an integral part of countless industries in the United States. It is the force behind the scenes that ensures the delivery of manufactured goods, food, raw supplies, and more. Since nearly every consumer product spends some time in a commercial truck before reaching the hands of the purchaser, the protection of trucking fleets is crucial. This is especially true for small fleets run by small companies that may not be able to afford the immense expenses that come with the risk of the trucking business. That is where small fleet truck insurance comes in handy.

Protection in and out of the Vehicle

iSure Insurance Agency highlights the most important aspects of small fleet coverage, which extends past insuring a variety of truck types. Some of the coverage needs of a trucking company may include:

  • Workers’ Compensation and Employee Benefits
  • Nontrucking Liability
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Pollution Liability
  • Physical Damage and Equipment Breakdown
  • Trailer Interchange
  • Bobtail Coverage

A reliable insurance group will be able to offer all of these options and more, as well as working with any type of truck you may use. Protecting your small fleet from risks and unnecessary expenses is about more than just the success of your business. It is about making sure you can continue to support and serve industries across the country.