The Ins and Outs of Buying Insurance for Your Pet


A growing number of American households have a pet that they consider a part of the family. Just like other family members, pets need both routine preventative and, sometimes, emergency care. However, the costs of veterinary care have drastically increased, leaving many families unable to afford services. This can ultimately result in the suffering or loss of a beloved pet. A comprehensive insurance policy is a viable solution for many pet parents. Here are some tips for purchasing pet insurance that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Check Coverage Options

There are many different policies on the market today, and you need to be aware of what type of services each one covers. For example, you may just need insurance for emergencies or catastrophic care. Other families might choose a policy that pays for preventative care as well.

Exclusions matter too. For example, preexisting conditions are often excluded. Also, if you have a pet with a likelihood of a genetic disorder, you’ll want to ask if treatments will be covered if it develops. 

Be Aware of Deductibles

Just like with any insurance policy, you’ll want to read the fine print about deductibles. Look beyond the amount, too. For example, does yours apply for each incident or a policy period?

Pet insurance can be a good way to ensure your fur baby gets the care she needs, regardless of cost. BE sure to check the details about coverage, exclusions, and deductibles to get the policy that fits your needs. 

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