The Right Coverage Lets Transporters


“On the road again” isn’t just an old country song, it’s a way of life for those who make their living by transporting goods. For example, professional truck drivers are an essential part of the shipping industry, moving goods and raw materials to retail locations, distribution centers, warehouses, and even direct to consumers. While you’re on that road, you are constantly facing conflicting requirements–such as the need to adhere to time schedules to ensure an on-time delivery yet observe mandated rest breaks…sharing the road mindfully with other drivers to avoid negative comments being phoned in to the number posted on the “how’s my driving?” bumper sticker on your truck while waving cheerfully at the little old lady who cut you off in her station wagon…and trying to manage your busy driving schedule in order to make it back home for important events with your family. While you may worry about bad weather, blind spots, and tight parking spaces, one thing you won’t have to worry about is transportation insurance when your operations are covered with the right policy, which can provide protection for a variety of commercial transportation exposures, such as:
• Property
• Equipment breakdown
• Terrorism
• Inland marine
• Physical damage
• Motor truck cargo
• Contractor’s equipment
• Warehouse legal liability
• Scheduled property
As a professional trucker, you bring your unique training, skills set, and experience to bear in transporting your cargo to its destination in a safe and efficient manner. In that sense, truckers are the central cog in the wheel; without their responsible behavior, it would be impossible for shippers to keep their coverage costs down and stay viable.
Drivers, dispatchers, and management alike understand the importance of working with a professional insurance agent, who can help drive home the best rates from the top-rated insurance providers in the marketplace. What’s more, an experienced agent can assemble a risk management program to mitigate risks and keep premiums manageable. Call an agent today to learn more.

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