Three Tips for Lower Motorcycle Insurance Premiums


If you ask any tri-state insurance agent, they will tell you that riding a motorcycle requires extra precautions in terms of your safety as well as extra consideration for your insurance. Here are three tips to help keep your motorcycle insurance rates as low as can be.

Choose to Ride Solo

If you are primarily riding your motorcycle on your own without any passengers, make sure you let your tri-state insurance agent know. Insurance premiums for motorcycle insurance are generally lower for those riders who do not often carry passengers with them.

Compare the Bang for Your Buck

Bullet bikes and sports bikes offer a lot. They can go faster, stop quicker, and take sharp turns easier. However, they are generally more expensive to buy and also more expensive to insure as well. Take a look at your needs versus your wants and where you might be able to compromise. You may find that a more basic motorcycle would be less expensive to own and to insure.

Take Motorcycle Training Courses

If you are unsure of what is available in your area, ask your tri-state insurance agent about possible training courses and certifications you can earn that might save you some cash on your motorcycle insurance premiums. There are a great many courses available, but it is a matter of seeking out those that are available in your area.

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