Trends Increasing the Need for Assisted Living Liability Insurance


As the U.S. population ages, more and more seniors are opting for life in an assisted living facility. As facilities work to keep up with demand, they must also take into account their increased needs for assisted living liability insurance. Here are two recent trends in elder care and how they pose added risks.

Increasing Use of Technology

Many Baby Boomers are technology-savvy and enjoy being able to use apps on their cell phones to order meals and register for activities. Because some may be relative newcomers to using the internet, however, cyber liability insurance is an important investment to protect from claims of being hacked or defrauded.

Allowing Dogs

Most modern assisted living facilities are nothing like the sterile nursing homes of the past. Many now allow residents to keep pets, citing evidence that dogs increase the health and emotional well-being of older adults. The following are some risks associated with keeping animals:

  • Damage to furniture and floors
  • Claims of maltreatment of pets by staff
  • Lawsuits claiming allergies or attacks by other residents’ dogs

The evolution of assisted living facilities has been progressive in nature. By changing the amenities that residents can enjoy, these establishments are increasing the quality of life of one of the country’s most vulnerable populations.


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