Two Advantages of Niche Used Car Dealership Workers’ Compensation Policies


For many used car dealership owners, finding a workers’ compensation policy that is tailored to the business can be difficult. Choosing a more generic policy from a general insurance provider may seem like an easier alternative to most owners. However, finding a niche insurance provider that offers used car dealership workers compensation is often well worth the effort for the following reasons.

  1. Long-Term Loss Control: There are various strategies that used car dealerships can implement with the help of their insurers to minimize losses. Measures such as safety inspections can help prevent accidents and injuries. Programs that help injured employees resume work sooner can reduce overall losses. Since employees at dealerships with repair shops often face unique working hazards, including burns, struck-by injuries and chemical exposure, auto dealers may benefit from working with insurers that have strategies specifically suited to these risks.
  2. Tailored Policies: Insurance providers that specialize in used car dealership workers compensation can provide customized policies that meet the unique needs of each dealership. This ensures that dealership owners do not have to pick and choose needed coverage from various separate policies, which can be costly. A niche insurance provider may also be more inclined to recognize any in-place loss control strategies that can help a dealership qualify for lower premiums.

Finding the Best Option

Workers’ compensation insurance is a significant expense for most businesses. This makes it crucial for used car dealers to ensure that their policies minimize losses without offering excessive coverage. Working with a used car dealership workers compensation insurance provider can make this task much easier, and it can also help dealers save significantly in the long term.

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