Two Types of Floods


Floods can wreak tremendous havoc on communities, homes and people’s lives. They are second to only tornadoes as the natural disaster that causes the most death and destruction. In 2011, in the United States, 108 individuals died due to floods and there was approximately $8.41 billion in property damage. Floods can occur anywhere there is an excess of water, and they can be caused by a variety of factors.


Overbank Flooding


This is one of the most common kinds of flooding, and is the image that often comes to mind when people think of floods. Overbank flooding occurs when rivers spill over due to extreme amounts of rainfall or melting snow. A lot of overbank floods occur in the Midwest because the land is very flat, and water does not have anywhere to drain once it leaves the river. Homeowners who live in close proximity to rivers known for flooding, need very good insurance for flooding to protect their property.


Coastal Flooding


Coastal flooding is caused mainly by waves and the storm surge from hurricanes and tsunamis. It impacts primarily coastal property and beaches. Water that has been sucked out to sea by the storms gets pushed back over the land in a huge mass, frequently resulting in a tremendous amount of devastation.


These two types of floods can be very destructive and illustrate the necessity of insurance for flooding.

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