Types of Injuries Covered Under Workers Compensation


As you’re deciding how much Connecticut workers compensation coverage you need, it’s a good idea for you to learn more about the types of injuries that will be covered under your new workers compensation plan. Such information can help you be better prepared for workplace incidents and determine the type of coverage you need.

Work-Related Injuries

Generally, any injury that occurs while an employee is carrying out a task on behalf of his employer is considered a workplace injury. Injuries are also covered by workers compensation if they occur in a company vehicle or at a company location as long as the injured employee was on company time. If an employee is injured at a company-sponsored social event or at a company party, he will more than likely be covered by Connecticut workers compensation.

Additional Covered Incidents

Workers compensation can also take care of injuries that involve alcohol if the alcohol was provided at a company-sponsored event. Injuries sustained while an employee was on lunch break might be covered as long as the employee was on company-owned grounds or having a meal with a client. Depression, anxiety and other mental issues can also be covered as long as they were either caused by or sustained on the job.

If you already have workers compensation coverage, talk with your insurance provider about which instances are and aren’t covered by your plan and what you can do to take care of any gaps in your coverage.

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