Types of Professional Insurance Coverage to Consider


Finding the right insurance policy is one part finding the right coverage options and one part finding an insurance agency such as Walker Insurance that can help you identify your needs and solutions to match. When you are operating a business, there will be many insurance coverage options that you need to have and others that might be helpful depending on your situation. Here are 4 of the essential coverage options to talk to a qualified agent about.

Business Owners Policy

A Business Owner’s Policy or BOP is a policy that lumps liability insurance and property damage into one package. You essentially have two insurance policies wrapped into one.

General Liability

Sometimes despite your best efforts, a person will file suit against you and your business for property damage, bodily injury, or any other number of things. General liability insurance coverage will protect you from these claims if they do come up.

Commercial Property Insurance

It is crucial that you protect your commercial property such as your physical space, signage, and other valuables, including documents and other sensitive papers. When these things are damaged, your commercial property insurance will kick in to cover the cost of repairing or replacing these items.

Finding a qualified insurance agency such as Walker Insurance is very important in helping you identify your business needs and the right type of insurance coverage. Talk to your insurance agent about these different types of coverage and how they might benefit your business.

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