Understanding the Importance of Insurance for Dog Bites


No matter how well trained your dog is, you can’t control everything the future might hold. Whether protecting you or in a fight of rage, your precious pooch might injure an individual or another dog. Because few insurance policies include canine liability insurance, buying your own insurance for dog bites is a vital aspect of protection from any liability you may incur as a result of your pet’s actions.

Canine Injury Coverage

In many insurance policies relating to your living arrangements, whether homeowners, rental or other policies, insurance for dog bites is not included. Most dog bite insurance covers:

  • Dog on human injuries
  • Dog on dog injuries
  • Scrapes or scratches
  • Biting or clawing
  • Causing individuals to fall

Some landlords may be disinclined to allow tenants with certain dog breeds commonly labeled “dangerous” unless they have insurance. Any breed with this moniker can be insured, including rottweilers, pit bulls and dobermans.

Why Protection Matters

While not as common as other insurance issues relating to theft, fire or life insurance, the CDC reports that injuries resulting from dog bites affect more than 4.7 million people a year within the United States. That comes to around $400 million in medical and liability claims every year, which is some serious money. With insurance for dog bites, you ensure you and your furry friend have the protection you deserve.

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