What Are Vessel General Permits?

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Permit regulations have changed over the last few decades. For a long while, the United States Environmental Protection Agency did not regulate the discharge of pollutants from vessels. This led to massive problems, including the contamination of major waterways and a major impact on ecosystems and human habitats. Thankfully, environmental groups and concerned citizens pushed the EPA to begin requiring permits in order for vessels to operate. If you run a business that transports cargo across the water, you absolutely need to learn about these permits.

The Main Idea of Vessel Permits

A vessel general permit is a new requirement that has been put into effect by way of the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System. As the owner of the vessel or the operator of the business, you are required to pay attention to data related to discharge limits. Additionally, you need to monitor and record your vessel’s discharge information in order to provide proof that you are adhering to the regulations. Failing to do this can lead to a number of serious problems, including fines and legal troubles. Tasks involved with a permit include: 

  • Undergoing application process
  • Reporting to correct offices
  • Taking action to correct issues

Start the Process

While owning a business that specializes in transporting cargo can be a challenge for many reasons, staying on top of the requirements of your industry is one way to make matters less stressful. Look into general permits for vessels and gain more perspective on what is expected of you.

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