What Does a CPP Cover?

Commercial package policy

Small business owners often just need basic insurance coverage. Larger businesses, particularly those that operate in industries with specific risks, need more specified coverage. Commercial package policy insurance offers the same basic policies as a BOP as well as policies that are uniquely suited to your industry.

Basic Policies

Most businesses need three basic policies:

  • Commercial property
  • General liability
  • Business interruption

These policies protect you against a wide range of incidents. Property insurance covers damages to your building and its immediate surroundings. General liability can help if someone files suit against you. Business interruption helps bridge a financial gap if your business has to be temporarily relocated.

Unique Coverage

The experts at https://www.reganagency.com/ know that some industries have inherent risks that are unique to them. If you ship goods, for example, you need extra coverage just in case anything is damaged during transport. Any time you provide a service to clients, you may benefit from professional liability that covers specific vulnerabilities you may encounter. As you consult with your insurance agent, you may discover that you need more coverage than you thought.

You don’t have to settle for insurance coverage that doesn’t meet your needs. A CPP may provide better protection for your particular business than the average business package.

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