What Is Courier Vehicle Insurance?


Courier companies provide valuable services. At the same time, they also have unique risk profiles. Keep reading to learn about the basics and benefits of courier vehicle insurance.

Specialized Indemnity Protection

Like other types of business coverage, vehicle insurance for courier companies protect against financial losses. This type of policy includes auto coverage with reimbursement for liability and physical damage claims involving your fleet vehicles. Along with this coverage, you can elect other policy add-ons for more thorough protection:

  • Cargo insurance: pays claims on damaged customer goods in transport
  • General liability: handles claims against you for bodily injuries and personal injuries plus property damage
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist: reimburses for financial losses resulting from being hit by an uninsured or underinsured driver
  • Worker’s compensation: pays for claims from work-related injuries and illnesses

Courier Vs. Delivery Driver Policies

Courier vehicle insurance differs from delivery driver insurance in one important way: scope of coverage. Delivery driver policies provide protection for individual drivers working as employees or contractors transporting food or parcels. Some also cover rideshare service drivers. In contrast, insurance for courier vehicles covers a business and its entire fleet. 

Proper insurance coverage is essential to for courier service businesses to protect both people and property. Insurance for courier vehicles offers the specialized coverage needed to continue operations and meet your company’s long-term goals.

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