What You Need to Know About Lawyer Professional Liability Insurance


If you are an attorney, you should have lawyer professional liability insurance. Why? Simply put, the expenses of unforeseen claims or lawsuits can destroy you and/or your firm financially if you aren’t properly prepared. Insurance helps you safeguard against financial strain in the event of any legal issues that might arise over the course of your career.

What Type of Lawyer Needs to be Insured?

Frankly, any attorney who is active and licensed would benefit from malpractice coverage. Especially if you are in the private sector, you might not have the financial gusto to tackle all settlements that come your way. Having coverage does not indicate that your might err. Instead, think of it as a safeguard for your firm and career.

What Do Policies Cover?

The exact details of your coverage will vary depending on which agency you choose and what area of law you work in. You can expect some level of aid as far as court costs, lawyer fees, loss of earnings, and pre-claims assistance. You can also add coverage of items like subpoena expenses, cyber protection, and larger settlement fees.

If you are currently practicing law, lawyer professional liability insurance is an important safeguard to have and maintain. It gives your clients and yourself necessary piece of mind in the case of an unpredictable claim or suit. Don’t let the financial strain of court costs topple your firm.

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