What Your Insurance Site Must Have

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What brings a potential client to your site instead of a competitor’s? Insurance websites have to remain extremely competitive and offer services that other sites don’t if the site is to be effective as a generator of business. Here are a few critical elements that an insurance site must have to stay afloat.




One of the staples of insurance websites is the opportunity to generate quotes for yourself and/or your family. A client will generally enter certain identifying information, and then various bits of information specific to the type of insurance (points on driving record for auto insurance, pre-existing conditions for health insurance, etc.), and from this information, the site is able to generate the estimated monthly premium for the insurance. The ability to do this right from an agent’s website means the client can get everything they need in one place, and is critical to running successful insurance websites.


Glossary Of Terms


It’s important for a client to understand what exactly they’re purchasing since it’s nothing tangible, but at the same time, it’s important they have a list of terminology to reference for key terms like “premium”, “deductible”, “out-of-pocket” so they’re not completely overwhelmed and turned off by the idea of insurance. Making the terms easy to comprehend for someone who is unfamiliar makes the process of purchasing coverage much easier, and will ensure customers aren’t driven away by intimidation.

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