Who Would Benefit from Directors and Officers Insurance for Educators?


Over the years there have been several different types of insurance that have emerged, and directors and officers insurance for educators is one of them. There are three particular classes of individuals that can benefit from insurance for directors and officers for education.

  1. Teachers – Teachers are at the forefront. They are the faces of the school and the ones with the most interaction with students; therefore they are quite prone to be accused in liability claims. Considering this, it is important to make sure that they have the proper support and coverage should such instance occur.
  2. Administrators – Administrators are responsible for overseeing the operation of the school. They also coordinate different events and organizations that the school may form, hold or host. This puts them in the lime light and also makes them a strong target for parental allegations. With the rise of parental suits against school administrators, it is easy to see why covering these individuals is necessary.
  3. Specialists – Specialists take on some of the responsibilities of the aforementioned individuals. Depending upon their purposes, specialists may work one-on-one with specific students or groups of students and facilitate different activities and programs for them. With such responsibility comes the possibility of being blamed for unfavorable situations or outcomes.

It is clear to see how important it is to protect these classes of individuals. To learn more about your coverage options, contact an agent today.

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