Why Buy Collectors Car Insurance?


The owner of an antique, classic or collector car has different needs than someone who has a modern vehicle. They have put in the extra hours and money to make their car their masterpiece. Classic cars that have been restored or remain in good condition are rare and owners need collectors car insurance to protect them.

What Is It?

While traditional car insurance is intended for vehicles that are used for daily activities, that is typically not how classic or collector cars are used. They are also more expensive and rarer than modern cars, so they need a policy that is designed for their use and value. Some policies do not include collision or comprehensive coverage and they may also preclude vehicles from being driven for day-to-day activities. Other policies will have inclusions that are only in effect under certain conditions.

What Types of Cars Does It Cover?

Collectors car insurance is designed for vehicles that have high value and are not the primary vehicle of the owner. It is ideal coverage for enthusiasts who put a lot of time, money and effort into their car. The type of car does not generally matter. Some cars that typically are covered by classic car insurance are:

  • Classic cars
  • Antiques
  • Sports cars
  • Custom vehicles
  • Hot Rods

Used by enthusiasts who know the value of their car, collectors car insurance can be customized to minimize the risks associated with a specific vehicle depending on use, rarity and expense. Ensure that your treasured vehicle is protected.

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