Why Do Businesses Prefer Hiring Bonded and Insured Cleaning Companies?

insurance and bonding for cleaning company

Many businesses use the services of a cleaning company to keep their offices clean and tidy. However, those same business owners also want the cleaning company to be bonded and insured. When you have insurance and bonding for a cleaning company, you may be able to have more clients.

Insurance Basics

Many municipalities require a business license to operate but may not require insurance or bonding. Companies often look to see if your cleaning company has the right licenses before hiring, but they may also ask if you are bonded and insured. Basic business insurance such as commercial property is good for your business to have because it protects your financial assets if someone makes a claim against the business for damages.

Bonding Basics

Bonding takes that insurance a step further and protects the personal property of the client. Businesses with valuable property want to know that if something happens to that, your cleaning company can reimburse their loss. Property theft is covered by a fidelity bond while an unfinished cleaning job is covered by a surety bond.

Employee theft and damage do happen and having insurance and bonding for cleaning company helps protect your client and your business. Bonding and insurance make your company look more professional. Higher-end clients prefer a cleaning company that meets these minimum standards.

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