Why IEPs are Necessary for Student Success


In the past, special education in school could be stigmatized. Thankfully, contemporary schooling has mostly shifted away from that line of thinking. Developing IEP stages is vital in many students’ education and helps show why proper IEP implementation is the key to success.

IEPs are Collaborative

Teachers, parents, and administration work together, formulating the best plan possible. Parents can give input on what they think is best for their students, and teachers can bring tangible data from the classroom to show the student’s progress. Students can even provide input once they reach a certain age (the age varies from state to state).

IEPs Never Stop Growing

Like the students they represent, IEPs grow as time passes. Schools can consistently give the best support possible, reviewing best practices while making changes to accommodate progress. In a way, an IEP is never finalized, much like a person’s education.

IEPs Center on Measurable Goals

IEPs are not abstract. They lay out the student’s current level plainly and give specific, realistic goals. Thus, students can gain encouragement by seeing their progress as they achieve benchmarks towards a final goal.

An IEP goes through many stages, but one thing that remains constant throughout is its role in promoting the student’s success.

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