Why VNAs Should Acquire Specialty Insurance


Since the 1880’s, Visiting Nurse Associations, or VNAs, have provided care to patients in the privacy of their homes. These institutions are an essential component of the nation’s health care system. Specialty insurance for VNAs is responsible for protecting them from financial harm.

Importance of Professional Liability Insurance

The most important form of insurance for a VNA to have is professional liability insurance. A VNA’s employees provide a great many services to clients, and therefore they are at risk for encountering liability claims. When employees commit errors or cause injury to patients, the entire VNA may be held liable. This type of situation often culminates in an expensive lawsuit, which spells financial ruination if the VNA does not have liability insurance.

Other Forms of Coverage Available to VNAs

Specialty insurance programs offer many types of protection:

  • Workers’ compensation
  • Directors and officers liability insurance
  • General liability insurance
  • Employment practice liability insurance

Without the security of insurance, VNAs are exposed in a number of ways. If an employee injures a client or a manager makes an error, then the entire institution could be held accountable. Lawsuits are incredibly pricey events, what with their various attorney fees, settlement costs, and other court expenses. By securing a comprehensive insurance policy, a VNA can protect its financial assets.

Specialty insurance for VNAs comes in a variety forms. VNA owners should speak to insurance agents to craft the most comprehensive policies for their institutions.

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