Workers Comp Insurance Vs. Health Coverage


As a business owner you know there seems to be an endless number of administrative tasks to attend to before you can actually get down to doing business. One of those tasks has to do with insurance. Two common workplace-related insurance categories are health insurance for employees and insurance, available through a workers compensation broker, that covers workplace injuries. While both of these types of insurance have to do with the wellbeing of your employees, they each serve different functions.

Health Insurance – This type of coverage assists your employees in paying for medical expenses that are not related to some incident that occurred at work. Annual physicals, trips to the emergency room and prescription drugs are things typically covered by a health insurance policy. Often, employers include some level of health insurance in their benefits package. In many cases, that insurance can be extended to cover an employee’s dependents.

Workers Compensation Insurance – Often shortened to “workers comp”, this insurance covers employees in the event of injury or illness resulting from something at happened in the workplace. Slip and fall incidents, injuries related to repetitive movements and car accidents while on company business are common occurrences that trigger workers comp coverage. Most states require businesses to carry workers comp insurance. Talk to a workers compensation broker to insure that you have the coverage that is required of your business.

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