Your Herbicide/Pesticide Endorsement Will Not Protect Your Landscaping Business From All Pollution-Related Claims

SB One Insurance Agency

As a landscaping professional, you handle chemicals nearly every day. In most states, this means you are required to cover your pollution liability by adding a herbicide/pesticide endorsement to your commercial general liability policy. The endorsement protects your business against claims of property damage and bodily injury caused by the herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers that you use on a job site. However, assuming that these are the only chemicals that might cause pollution in association with your work leaves you vulnerable to other types of contamination claims which could have serious consequences for your business.

Beyond Herbicide/Pesticide Contamination

Other pollutants that may be present in your work environment include fuel, motor oil, hydraulic fluids, foundry sand, silica, manure and mold. Even if you are careful, these may spill during transport or on the job site. If you install water features on a regular basis, you will also be aware that this may involve chemicals, dyes and soaps. Moreover, in carrying out your work at a job site, you might inadvertently disrupt other added or naturally occurring contaminants in the soil or you may cause accidental damage to sewer and septic systems.

Contractor’s Pollution Liability Policy

The experts at SB One Insurance Agency advise that environmental regulations are set to multiply. As their numbers increase, so does your exposure to violations. Since the herbicide/pesticide endorsement only protects you from incidents associated with these pollutants, the only way to keep your business safe from claims involving other contaminants is to purchase a contractor’s pollution liability policy.

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