Zeitgeist Movement


A Look at the Zeitgeist Movement

No mater if you agree with it or not the Zeitgeist Movement is very intriguing to say the least. Many people are unsure as to what exactly the Zeitgeist Movement is and if I am 100 percent honest I still am not 100 percent clear on what there goals and motives exactly are, but I wanted to take a crack at explain how I as just a regular guy see these people.

In a way I can really appreciate the basic message that they are saying. That the world is far to money based and that we as people really need to change now before it is to late. They want to change the world so that all of the resources from the earth are shared equally for everyone.

Now like I said I can really appreciate the idea behind this I mean if it was actually possible then it really would put a stop to much suffering around the world. They believe that the world really can survive on renewable energy and that we can use machines to pretty much just run everything. I know this is a basic generalisation of the Zeitgeist movement, but I feel that it gets the message across.

I really can see where these people are coming from and I know that there are those who think these guys are dreaming of a utopian society that could never in a million years happen. I really do like some of the ideas that this movement has, but if they could actually happen I guess is another mater altogether really.